Who are we

CPS Builders Depot- Who are we

A leading supplier of interior construction solutions in Tanzania. CPS Builders Depot is a Nabaki Africa Products Super Dealer. CPS Builders Depot was established when Lafarge Gypsum Tanzania, a leading supplier of interior construction solutions in Tanzania, had a need for a reliable installer of its ceiling and partition systems based in Tanzania. However, when Lafarge Gypsum decided to close its operations in Tanzania, CPS took over the operations of Lafarge Gypsum Tanzania and become not only the installer but also the supplier of interior building solutions manufactured by Lafarge. CPS has since evolved into a specialist in Ceiling and Partition Systems and has expanded to become a sole distributor of a comprehensive range of building products and a specialist contractor for interior and exterior solutions. We are suppliers, distributors and installers of internationally renowned companies such as: Lafarge Gypsum South Africa, Nabaki Africa, Lafarge Borai-Asia, SCG Trading Co. Ltd, Hadley Group UK, lfuba Products SA. CPS has more than doubled its importation since its inception, reaching new suppliers as far as Turkey to China, forging new stable partnerships and this ensuring stable and alternative sources of supplies. CPS Builders Depot plans for the future includes extending its operational base from the Dar es Salaam region to other regions in Tanzania and hopes to have a countrywide presence by mid 2015. This expansion will also see us offering a larger diversified range of building solutions.

Our vision and business strategy

CPS’s aim is to be the chain of builder’s depots and outlets located in the regions and neighborhoods offering building solutions to its clients including consulting and installation services. The CPS Builder’s Depots and Outlets will supply tradesmen and contractors across a broad spectrum of building solutions with a main focus being on those traders and contractors constructing commercial and residential buildings, alterations, additions and renovations of any magnitude. This vision will be supported by significant credit facilities for approved contractors, flexible pricing on significant purchases, cost estimating, product advice, on site delivery as well as unique and professional construction and installation services. Our goal is to establish a chain of CPS Builder’s Depots and Outlets in every region and new neighborhood in Tanzania.

Our mission

CPS Builders Depot’s mission is to offer technical advice, services and materials for interior solutions to builders, developers, contractors and architects. Download our Profile Brochure Get a Quote