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CPS Limited – Who are we

Our Journey

CPS Limited was established in 2011 when Lafarge Gypsum Tanzania, a leading supplier of interior construction solutions in Tanzania, had a need for a reliable installer of its ceiling and partition systems based in Tanzania. However, when Lafarge Gypsum decided to close its operations in Tanzania, CPS took over the operations of Lafarge Gypsum Tanzania and become not only the installer but also the supplier of interior building solutions manufactured by Lafarge. CPS has since evolved into a specialist in Ceiling and Partition Systems and has expanded to become a distributor of a comprehensive range of construction solutions ranging from:

Construction Chemicals (additives, bonding agents, concrete repair, tile adhesives, protective coatings, marble sealants, epoxy systems, water proof coating, weather proof coating etc.),

Geotextiles (woven and non-woven geotextiles, reinforced non-woven composite, tech grid & geo grid uni-axial and bi axial, TFI TECHGLASS (FIBRE GLASS GEOGRID) & GLASS FIBRE COMPOSITE,TFI TECHPAVE (PAVING FABRIC) TFI METAL GABION (zinc & pvc coated) + GEOBAGS (containers) + TECH GEOTEXTILE TUBES TFI ROCKFALL NETTING (Mesh 6×8, 8×10 & 10×12 Cm)TFI PVD/BAND DRAINS- (PRE-FABRICATED VERTICAL DRAINS) .

ROOFS: Light steel trusses, roofing tiles, roofing sheets, roof insulation, gutters, gypsum boards, fiber cement boards, steel brandering.

WATER: Swimming pools, equipment, pool chemicals, bath & sanware, water tanks, water filters, pumps, irrigation, piping, fittings, pool covers, pressure piping systems, and hot water cylinders.

CONSTRUCTION: Sealants, adhesive, coatings, plasters, geosynthetics, water proofing, epoxy systems, admixtures, concrete additives, tools and hardware.

We are suppliers, distributors and installers of internationally renowned companies such as: EUROBUILD, TECHFAB, SOUDAL, Lafarge Gypsum South Africa, Lafarge Boral-Asia, SCG Trading Co. Ltd, Hadley Group UK, lfuba Products SA and Armstrong Germany.

Our Vision – A CPS store in every neighbourhood!

CPS aim is to be the chain of building centers located in the neighborhoods, which supplies tradesmen’s and contractors across a broad spectrum of the building industry, with a main focus being on those contractors doing civil projects and big buildings. Also contractors doing  individual homes to mass and residential housing, alterations-additions-renovations of any magnitude, hospitals and clinics, schools and maintenance for Industry and Government in Tanzania.

Our Mission 

CPS wants to be a pioneer in introducing wholesale and retail principles to the Tanzania building stores market. The clean, friendly and uncluttered look and feel of our stores will offer our customers a shopping experience not traditionally associated with the industry. Our new stores aim to introduce ‘wholesale and retail theatre’ where lighting, color and ambiance enhance the shopping experience, signage is clean and bold, and product displays are enticing. Approved contractors are offered significant credit facilities, flexible pricing on significant purchase, cost estimation, product advise and on site delivery.

Our Objectives 

  • To grow profitably
  • To pursue excellence
  • To develop our good people
  • To honor God in everything we do

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