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CPS Limited is an official distributor of Acoustic Ceiling Solutions and Lafarge Pregybel Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Board in Tanzania.

Ceiling systems should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting sound or fire insulation standards. Lafarge Gypsums Acoustic Ceiling Solutions have a flexible range of components to meet these needs and to satisfy a number of other requirements. The range includes Pregybel Acoustic Board.

High performance acoustic board

An acoustic and decorative solution, Pregybel® Acoustic Ceiling Board is a square pattern perforated gypsum board designed or systems requiring both superior acoustic and aesthetic qualities.

With a protective mat glued to the back of the board, installing the board is as simple as fixing a standard system. With a noise reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.60 this solution helps to create an acoustic ambiance.

The high performance system is ideal for meeting both noise reduction and quality design specifications in commercial buildings. With an acoustic absorption of 0.60 and a complete one-step installation, Pregybel®

Acoustic Ceiling Board is a cost effective solution for achieving sound absorption specifications. Its superior appearance featuring square perforations is an additional benefit for schools, large open area ceilings in hotels, conference and concert halls and offices where the “look” is as important as acoustic performance.


In domestic buildings, acoustic factors are not as critical. Most of the necessary sound absorption will be provided by the furnishings and fittings. Some improvements in acoustics may be required in home theatres, in which case Lafarge Gypsums Pregybel® Acoustic Board can be used to enhance the acoustic absorption.

In certain commercial applications such as auditoriums, the design challenges are more complex, and acoustic ceilings and walls made of Lafarge Gypsums Pregybel® Acoustic Board should be considered including positioning of bulkheads. The Division’s acoustic specialists are available to offer assistance.

Despite the complexity of acoustic science, some basic principles are universal:

  • Provide direct sound paths between sound sources and listeners – consider raking floors and try to avoid columns
  • Beware of curved surfaces – convex shapes scatter sound and concave shapes focus it, often with disastrous results.
  • Optimum reverberation times will depend on the use of the space and will be longer for music than for speech. With unwanted sounds, for example the noise of machinery, it is best to shorten the reverberation time as much as possible.

Advantages of Pregybel Boards

  • Ease of installation due to the protective glass mat, which is glued to the back of the board, preventing dust emission.
  • The protective mat enables a complete one-step installation, which saves time and results in increased on site productivity and overall cost effectiveness.
  • Excellent sound absorption controlling reflection.
  • High quality finish providing an aesthetic appearance.
  • Recessed edges cater for a smooth surface with no visible joints.
  • Protective mat fixed to the back of the gypsum board prevents dust emission.

Installation of Pregybel Acoustic Board

Pregybel® Perforated Acoustic Ceiling Boards are installed on Gridlock® Plaster Grid in the same manner as standard flush plaster ceilings – fixed, jointed and skimmed in the same fashion. For timber installation the use of 30mm high-low thread, gypsum screws are required. Steel frames require 25mm 0.6 gauge gypsum screws.

The gap is filled with 50/80/100mm of mineral wool, placed directly on the back of Pregybel® Perforated Acoustic Ceiling Board. The joints are made with Fibatape and Jumbo Jointing compound avoiding obstruction of the nearest perforations. Painting should be carried out with a roller in order to protect the glass mat situated on the back of the Pregybel® Perforated Acoustic Ceiling Board.

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