Suspended ceilings

CPS Limited is an official distributor of Gridlock Suspended Ceiling Systems in Tanzania. Ceiling systems should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting sound or fire insulation standards. Lafarge Gypsums Ceiling Systems has a flexible range of components to meet these needs and to satisfy a number of other requirements. The range includes decorative mouldings, access panels and solutions for curved or vaulted ceilings.
In commercial buildings, suspended ceilings can conceal unsightly services or untidy structural elements, while providing fire resistance and thermal insulation.

Lafarge Gypsum’s suspended ceilings offer a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution. Comprising a versatile range of straightforward, standardised components, some of which just clip together, Lafarge Gypsum’s suspended ceilings are easy and quick to assemble on-site with minimal wastage.

Ceiling heights can be varied to accommodate services and ducting, while performance specifications are met by selecting the appropriate grade of plasterboard and insulation.

Up to 120 minutes fire resistance and 72dB sound insulation may be achieved with this system.

Gridlock Suspended Ceiling Grid

Gridlock Suspended Ceiling Grid is an exposed face tee system. The grid is manufactured from galvanized steel which is capped across the exposed face. The Cross Tee has a specially designed ‘clip’ fixed at each end. This ‘clip’ enables the Cross Tee to ‘clic’ into position, making an audible ‘clic’ sound as it does so, thereby confirming that the tee section is located correctly.

  • The Gridlock® Main Tee ends are designed to ensure that the Main Tees easily line up to each other, at the same time also ensuring a tighter connection.
  • The Cross Tee is then easily clipped into position by lining the end up to the right side of the pre-punched opening of the Main Tee.
  • The opposite Cross Tee is then inserted in the same manner.
  • The audible ‘clic’ sound confirms that the correct location has been found and signifies that the Cross Tee is locked firmly into position.
  • The size and design of the Cross Tee end clips facilitates simple and easy assembly of the Gridlock® Ceiling System.
  • The Gridlock® Ceiling System can be dismantled as quickly and simply as it is connected. This ensures a high degree of re-usability of the Cross Tees.
  • The unique clipping system allows for easy, one-handed Ceiling Grid assembly, which can speed up construction time significantly.

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