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What is Access Floors

Access flooring is an extremely important technology that needs to be used within all buildings. It will help to make sure that the skeleton of the building remains out of view and safe. It is basically a floor that is created above the original concrete ground, and subsequently provides the space that is needed to secure cables, pipes and data equipment. Lafarge access flooring is one of the best solutions on the market currently. It can meet all of the exacting technical specifications. Like a normal access floor, it will be created by using pedestals, stringers and floor panels. The difference being that the plasterboard that is being used is lightweight and extremely cost affective. This plasterboard can be made in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses, providing you with the perfect solution regardless of the specifications of your project.

These are access floors that are expertly surfaced with gypsum.
Gypsum is a mineral that is made up primarily of calcium sulphate that has been hydrated. It is used mostly to make things such as fertiliser and plaster of Paris. It can also be used in construction, as it makes excellent plaster. It also makes very good gypsum board too, which can be used in the covering of floors. This is where it is used in the creation of floor tiles and boards, as it holds together very well and, when made into board, is a very hardy type of surface.
Lafarge access floors are surfaced largely from gypsum. Lafarge itself own several high quality gypsum mines and the gypsum is processed into board from there and made into the stuff that can surface access flooring.
Apart from the surface, Lafarge also has a variety of great access flooring options when it comes to the stringers and pedestal options that they can offer you. There is no such thing as just one type of access floor system – you can now pick the one that will suit your environment best.

Lafarge access floor systems types:

  • The free standing system
    This is a system where there are no stringers required to anchor the pedestals together. The boards simply locate onto a steel pedestal and stay there due to clever pressure location.
  • The screw down access floor system
    In this system, the panels screw down onto the pedestal heads. This access floor system is great for office environments, but not for server rooms, as the boards will be very hard to lift should server maintenance need to be conducted.
  • The bolt-on stringer access system
    This is a system where the stringers are bolted on, meaning that you have got maximum hold, without the hassle of having your board screwed onto your pedestals. The pedestals are all securely held in place by the stringers and the boards are free to move.

All of these access systems are ideal for office environments where there are a lot of cables and power points that you’d like to keep hidden. Access flooring makes up a simple and elegant solution for your server room as well, as you can simply lift the boards at any time and do the maintenance that is required.

Access floors will help to keep your employees safe from the tripping hazards that are associated with cables, especially in server rooms. It is therefore very important that you get the very best, and getting Lafarge products will greatly increase your chances of having a safe workplace. If you get the floors that are surfaced with gypsum, you will also be in for a long time with your access floor, as the gypsum will make it a hard wearing, long lasting surface.

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