Hufcor Operable Partitions

Hufcor is a world leader in operable partitioning technology with over 90 years experience and in excess of 4000 installations world-wide. Hufcor Operable Partitions are installed throughout the world in the finest hotels, meeting rooms, ballrooms, schools, religious buildings, convention centres and corporate facilities.

Also known as movable walls, Airwalls®, Acoustic Operable Walls, Sliding Folding Doors, Stack Away Doors, Movable Walls and Room Dividers, Hufcor Operable Acoustic Walls set the standard for quality, durability, acoustic separation, and ease of movement.


    • Hufcors movable walls are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space.
    • When in place, the panels are similar in appearance to a permanent wall.
      A selection of face coverings are available to match or co-ordinate with the room décor.
    • Accessories such as pass doors, pocket doors, chalk and tack boards provide.
    • Hufcor Operable partitions consist of a series of interlocking flat panels designed in custom widths and heights and suspended from overhead tracks.
    • Hufcor offers an extensive range of Operable Partitions. Each series was developed for varying space division, acoustical, design, and budget needs.
    • Hufcor products, operable partitions are custom manufactured to job site dimensions.
    • Models are designed to provide varying levels of sound control.


Here in Tanzania we offer the:

3000 Series – Centre stacking and omni directional configurations
5000 Series – Paired panels and omni directional configurations
7000 series – Paired panels and omni directional configurations

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Paired Panels

For wall-to-wall division. Panels are hinged in pairs and manually operated. You may completely close the opening or place pairs of panels along the overhead track for use as display panels or sight dividers. Paired panels are popular for fast setup in classrooms, meeting rooms and training centers.

Single Panels

Also known as omni-directional or individual panels, single panels are manually operated and offer optimum room flexibility. The track system enables the panels to negotiate angles and intersections and be moved to alternate locations. Curved and self-sorting track systems are available as well. Single panels are often used in hotel ballrooms and meeting rooms and convention centers; however, they can be used in every type of facility.


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