Macklock Drywall Partitions

CPS Limited is an official distributor of Maclock Drywall Gypsum Partitions in Tanzania.

Maclock drywall partitions and separating walls are quick to erect with very high levels of fire and acoustic performance. A variety of different specification options achieve acoustic insulation standards up to 65dB and fire resistance up to 180 minutes. The partitions use metal studs with 12mm or 15mm Plasterboard.

Components are light and easy to handle while being quick and simple to install with the minimum of wastage. Maklock drywall partitions are dimensionally accurate and will not bow, warp or shrink. Standard cut-outs in both studs and tracks accommodate mechanical and electrical services without the need for site-formed holes.

Maclok Drywall is a lightweight non-demountable partition system which has no visible joints on completion. The internal framework consists of standard ridgeback stud and drywall track profiles manufactured from galvanized steel. Tapered edge plasterboards are screw fixed to the studs allowing for plaster jointing. Paint or wallpaper finishes can then be applied for a joint free wall of subtle quality.

Advantages of Maclok Drywall Partitions:

  • Can be used in any Office, Industrial, Commercial and Residential building.
  • The lightweight construction means they quick and easy to install.
  • They are economical and low in cost
  • Superior fire resistance and sound ratings have made the system a firm leader in drywalling solution.
  • Prefabricated door and window modules further increase the speed of erection and reduce time spent on site translating into savings on labour and enables more installations to be done in a quicker turnaround time.

The Maclok System:

  • Attractive Slimline Glazing Mullions and transoms can be created by clip fixing the required aluminium male section onto its four legged female partner which has already been fixed into position.
  • Door Frame Kits are supplied pre-mitred and with optional lock cutouts. Full height Door Frames clip directly onto the Aluminium Female ceiling trim by means of the Male Aluminium Door header. Standard door frame kits have both styles and header manufactured from Maclok four legged Female Aluminium Door Frame sections. It is recommended that for additional stability when erecting full height doors the Ridgeback Stud should be boxed onto the open side of a Floor Track prior to fixing (the Female Door Frame Section).
  • Maclok’s four legged Female partition solutions Aluminium Door Frame, Glazing and Termination Sections are positively fixed to the galvanized steel Ridgeback Studs by means of pop rivets or screws. This ensures sturdy framing for the Plasterboards and strong support for the clip-on Male Aluminium sections.
  • The Aluminium Glazing Bead which carries a neat Bubble Seal Gasket (or optional woolpile) easily clips into place after the glass has been positioned, leaving an attractive Aluminium shopfront type finish, having slim and clean lines. The Bubble Seal Gasket will accommodate glass thickness from 4 mm to 6 mm. (nominal thickness).
  • Fire rating:Maclok Drywall (89 mm partition) has a 30 minute fire rating as per SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) 0177: Parts-1981. For further details as well as information on 60 minutes plus fire ratings please consult with our staff.
  • All Maclok’s Aluminium sections may be Powder Coated or Anodised to complement the decorated finish of the boards.
  • Aluminium Skirting or recessed base can be similarly treated to match or contrast as required.

Macklock Drywall Par#BC7143

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