Steel trusses

CPS Limited is an official distributor of Razorbill Light Weight Steel Roof Truss Systems

Benefits of Light Weight Steel Truss Systems

  • High strength galvanised steel as construction medium
  • Dimensionally accurate system
  • Minimum skilled workforce required
  • Energy efficient systems that can exceed conventional systems R value by 5 times
  • Durability – steel inside the building envelope has a predicted lifespan exceeding 600 years
  • Allows flexibility in design and building stages – easy for additions & alterations
  • Variety of finishes available on walls and roofs
  • More economically viable option for steep slopes landscape needing stilts
  • Short production & delivery times
  • SANS 517 and SABS 0160 compliant
  • Cost saving factor through the following:
    • Reduced time for construction allowing earlier occupation
    • Reduced quantity of roof trusses
    • Minimum tools required
    • Logistics – complete roofs or houses can be dispatched at a time therefore lower transport costs
    • Predictable costing
    • Services installed during frame construction, not restricting other trades from working concurrently
    • Dimensionally accurate system
    • Dimensionally accurate system

Lightweight steel trusses structure products:
C – Sections
C-section is the profile of the steel which is manufactured from various gauge of steel designed for purpose.

  • The thickness varying from 0.8mmm – 1.2mm.
  • The coating is Zinc or Zincalum [Zinc + Aluminium]
  • Grading either ISQ 300 or ISQ 550 depending on application requirement
  • All materials comply with SANS 517 and relevant codes

The C-section steel is used for the manufacturing of roof trusses, wall panels and drywall systems.

All members are delivered to site pre-punched, pre-cut to size and labelled, eliminating high wastage, errors in installation and incorrect application.

The advantage is that the structural integrity of the product remains and accuracy of dimensions remain.

The C-section profile allows for the individual sides to be boxed together giving us a structure of superior strength.

Steel Purlins, Battens, Brandering
Steel Purlins, Battens, Brandering are also manufacture & designed to suit application.

  • Thickness between 0.58mm and 0.8mm
  • Coating Zinc or Zincalum
  • Grades ISQ 300 or ISQ 550
  • Top hat heights – 30mm/40mm/50mm – dependant on application
  • Pre-cut, pre-punched and labelled at manufacturing stage

Steel Brandering or Steel Ceiling Battens


  • Thickness between 0.58mm and 0.8mm
  • Coating Zinc or Zincalum
  • Grades ISQ 300 or ISQ 550
  • Top hat heights – 20mm
  • Pre-cut, pre-punched and labelled at manufacturing stage
  • Cut to specific lengths to eliminate wastage

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